About the Cheracle

It’s not all sunshine, rainbows, & unicorns (and I like sunshine, rainbows, & unicorns).


Hi! I’m Cheryl Bigus. I’m a Light & Dark Worker. My friends and peers call me The Cheracle (Cheryl + Oracle) and an Energetic Detective. I notice patterns, discrepancies, and the unspoken.

I do this work because it’s ridiculously fun for me, it’s rewarding, and it allows me to get to know the most interesting people.

I spent years believing that I was too this and too that whisked together with a whole bunch of not enough. I decided to stop sitting on the energetic sidelines and obtained training from several energy alchemists and masters.

That’s when everything changed. I work with a framework called Chakredy™ which has allowed me to exponentially build my skills toolbox.

I have deep Faith and Trust in the Chakredy™ framework. It isn’t a cookie-cutter system where you get the same experience with each practitioner using a script. We all have our own specialties and expertise, and mine happens to be working contra to non-beneficial energy you encounter in everyday life.

One of my favorite tools is including high vibrational essential oils. Learn more here. The rest of my tools are secret!