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Is Someone Taking Your Spiritual Nads For A Ride?

What Happened…

Your energetic sovereignty is consistently being challenged on four main layers, your physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body.

You know something isn’t right but you can’t exactly put words to it. You aren’t feeling like your optimal self and can’t see where you went off course.


You’re a Hot Commodity…

You are in your groove and feelin’ good, then you can’t figure out what happened.

You are a big beacon of light, my friend, straight up magic, and you picked up energetic parasites. It happens.

…from people, the environment, and from non-beneficial entities. Face it, you have it and it is a hot commodity!

I’m Cheryl. I’m a Light & Shadow-worker. My friends and peers call me The Cheracle (Cheryl + Oracle) and an Energetic Detective.

I do this work because it’s ridiculously fun for me.

I spent years believing that I was too this and too that mixed with a whole bunch of not enough. I decided to stop sitting on the energetic sidelines and pursued training with several energy alchemists and masters.

Everything changed when I said YES to myself.

I now work in two frameworks, one called Chakredy™ which has allowed me to build on and exponentially increase my skills and practices.

It’s based on energetically bringing together the light and dark for positive benefit and energetic sovereignty.

The second is dōTerra™ Essential Oils, sharing high vibrational, plant-based healing. This is second to none in anchoring in energetic shifts.

Outside the Matrix

You won’t find cookie-cutter energy clearing here. Nor, misguided energy work falsely claiming to heal with love and light.

This is the wild wild west. No rules, boundaries, nor scripts to follow. This is because dark forces and non-beneficial entities are tricky bastards and don’t play by rules.

What you will find here is masterful and effective energetic support through proven energetic tools and practices.

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